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Font Manager Mac Software Review
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Font Manager Mac Software Review
Manager Features
Activate/Deactivate Fonts
Set Activation/Deactivation
Automatic Activation/Deactivation
Set/Library Organization
Smart Set Organization
Protect System Fonts
Corrupt Font Detection/Quarantine
Repair/Resolve Conflicts
Identify/Prevent Duplicate Fonts
Collect Fonts for Output
Import/Export to Other Users
Backup/Restore Capability
Online Font Store/Rental
Adobe Creative Suite Functionality
Quark XPress Functionality
Application Runs in Background
Clear Application Caches
Clear System Caches
Viewer Features
View in Multiple Sizes
Waterfall Preview
Preview Deactivated/Uninstalled Fonts
Search Options
Print Samples
Full Character/Glyph Display
Sample Sentence Display
Custom Text Display
View Font Data
Display Unicode Name
Display Keyboard Shortcut
Save Sample as Image File
Compare Side-by-Side
Ease of Use
Installer Assistant
Setup Assistant
Drag and Drop Functionality
Intuitive Software Design
Features Function Properly
Help & Support
Check for Updates
FAQs/Online Knowledge base
Email/Online Contact Form
Phone Number
Message Boards
User Manual/Quick Reference guide