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Font Manager Mac Software Review

Why Font Manager Mac Software?

With the abundance of quality fonts available online for purchase (and sometimes for free), it’s easy to go overboard and download more fonts than you can handle. People in the design industry are especially vulnerable to font overload, as are people who use their Macs for projects such as scrapbooking. All Macs come with Font Book, but that application is most useful when you’re dealing with only a few fonts. To get the most out of your fonts, you need an application that can turn fonts on and off, identify and repair damaged fonts and provide you with a variety of viewing options.

We reviewed some excellent font management software designed specifically for Mac computers. These applications were created to make it easier than ever to sort, view and use your plethora of fonts, whether you have 600 or 6,000. You’ll find a side-by-side comparison of Mac font management software, articles related to font management and reviews of the best applications, like Suitcase Fusion, Font Explorer X Pro and Fontcase.

Mac Font Management Software: What to Look For

Having a wide variety of typefaces is a must for any creative person who works with computers, from graphic designers to scrapbookers. It’s easy to get carried away when buying or downloading free fonts, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Mac users with a plethora of fonts will find that Font Book, which comes standard on all Macs, simply doesn’t provide the organizational tools necessary to keep up with hundreds or thousands of fonts. Fortunately, we discovered which features are vital when choosing Mac font management software.

Manager Features
Good font management for Mac software does so much more than allow you to activate and deactivate fonts. It also protects system fonts from being deleted, identifies corrupt or duplicate fonts and is often capable of repairing them. Its simple export options also makes font sharing easy, and it often includes plug-ins for working with design programs such as Quark Xpress or the Adobe Creative Software Suite. The best applications even provide access to online font stores or font rental services.

Viewer Features
The best part about buying a Mac font management application is the advanced viewing features it offers. Font Book only allows you to view capital and lowercase letters and numbers. The best font management for Mac software displays all of a font's characters, or glyphs, in detail. It also displays pre-programmed and custom sentences in multiple sizes. Being able to change font and background colors is a bonus feature with some of these software applications. Displaying font information such as keyboard shortcuts and the fonts' designers is also important, as is being able to group typefaces into sets.

Ease of Use
The best Mac font management software comes with both an installer and set-up assistant to make using the program simple from the start. Intuitive software design is vital, and the software's features must function properly as well, of course. The ultimate ease-of-use feature is the ability to drag and drop fonts, both within the application and from the application to other applications and systems.

Help & Support
Font management can be difficult, even with the best ease-of-use features. Between system fonts, downloaded fonts, licensing issues and corrupt files, you will likely run into a problem once in a while. It’s important, then, to have a wide variety of support options, such as multiple ways to contact the software’s developer, knowledge bases such as FAQs and message boards, and of course a standard user manual.

When all of these features come together, they create an ideal Mac font management application. Check out our side-by-side software comparison to find the application that best suits your needs.

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